LaTrice has always cared about helping others. Working in the mental health field for close to 30 years, she was excited when she opened her own practice as a Certified Mental Health and Addictions Therapist. LaTrice came to us, after moving into a new office and with business thriving, to discuss purchasing an adapted vehicle. She managed to make it to work every day for years in a van that was quickly beginning to feel run-down (think: duct-tape holding it together!) and LaTrice was feeling the pressure to get a newer, safer mode of transportation. She uses a wheelchair and needs a van with a ramp, a swivel driver’s seat, and hand controls.

LaTrice has always taken pride in her work and in being able to manage her finances herself. She encourages everyone, “If you can work–work!”, asserting that it helps with self-esteem. Speaking from experience, she knows how hard it can be when you don’t have someone else to lean on for financial support. A disability can present many unforeseen expenses and maintaining good credit can be tricky even in the best of times. LaTrice worked hard on improving her credit and as a result she was approved for a loan for her new van. With her new ride she’ll be able to continue growing her practice and making a difference in her patients’ lives.