Chris, who just turned 30, has a love for music. He has worked as a volunteer at local radio station Wired 96.5 and continues to stay up-to-date on the latest news involving his favorite artists. Since the built-in social network of college has passed, Chris works hard to maintain a sense of connection with friends, both old and new. When he heard about PATF’s Money Club, Chris jumped at the chance to participate. The Money Club provided him with an opportunity to learn more about money matters and a chance to meet new people.

Chris was a dedicated Club member and established an Individual Development Account, a matched-savings account, which he used to purchase an iPad. Chris has cerebral palsy and a mild intellectual disability and the iPad’s large screen makes navigation easy. Chris is also able to connect with friends through social media, texting, and chatrooms. He can store all his music on the iPad, and catch the latest music videos as they’re released.

Chris credits the Money Club with something much greater than the opportunity to listen to music and chat with friends, and that is financial knowledge. His favorite thing about the experience was learning to save effectively. Chris’s latest goal is to save up for professional and stylish Meek Mill 24k gold headphones. With his new-found understanding of personal budgeting there’s no doubt it won’t be long before Chris is sporting his very own pair.