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Meet Our Staff Members

Susan Tachau

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Tachau, a founding member of PATF’s Board of Directors, was appointed Executive Director, and now Chief Executive Officer, of PATF in 2003. Susan is passionate about expanding financing opportunities for people with disabilities in order to access assistive technology. A proven leader and…

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Tracy Beck

Operations Director

Tracy Beck is PATF's Operations Director. She is responsible for implementing policies and procedures that expand opportunities for accessing assistive technology devices as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the loan program. Tracy has over 25 years’ experience in the social…

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Josephine Tramontano

Development and Special Projects Coordinator

Josephine Tramontano is PATF's Development and Special Projects Coordinator. She is responsible for maintaining, expanding, and diversifying PATF’s funding base, as well as coordinating special projects such as PATF’s 2019 conference, “Vision for the Future: Conference on Financial…

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Bonaia Rosado

Program Manager

Bonaia Rosado is PATF's Program Manager. She assists in the underwriting activities associated with PATF’s loan programs, including financial education. She helps educate applicants and their families about available community and funding resources. Bonaia also participates in outreach…

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Marlies Singh

Financial Manager

Marlies Singh is PATF's Financial Manager. She maintains PATF’s financial records and works on the financial reporting requirements for government grants, payroll, and employee benefits. Marlies also reconciles the databases used for accounting and the loan program and assists PATF's…

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Kathleen McCloud

Operations Manager

Kathleen McCloud is PATF's Operations Manager. She provides administrative support for the organization as well as helping individuals with disabilities and their families learn about other possible assistive technology funding resources. Kathleen is the primary underwriter and administrator…

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Cynthia Corboy

Financial Consultant

Cynthia Corboy is a financial consultant to PATF.  She prepares financial statements and reports for the Board meetings and compliance statements for the PCD Bank, gathers financial information for state and federal grants, and assists on special projects. Before she mostly retired, Cynthia…

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Sarah Love

Program Associate

Sarah Love is a Program Associate and Underwriter for PATF. She is primarily responsible for helping people access funding through the Low-Interest Loan Program. Sarah also provides applicants with information about other possible assistive technology funding resources. Prior to joining PATF,…

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Susie Daily

Communications Director

Susie Daily is our Communications Director. She helps increase awareness about PATF's programs and services across Pennsylvania by updating our social media accounts, writing our newsletter, and creating outreach materials. If you know of a person or organization who would benefit from knowing…

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Katherine Singh

Program Assistant

After having worked at PATF for several summers, Katherine joined the staff part-time in September 2018 as a graduate of Bryn Mawr College with a degree in Fine Arts. She is usually the first point of contact for callers, directing them to the appropriate staff person, and answering all general…

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