Wendy smiles in front of a gray background. She is wearing a black turtleneck and glasses.

Outreach Director

Wendy Harkins Davis is PATF’s Outreach Director. She is responsible for developing and implementing PATF’s housing and outreach activities including managing PATF’s smart home technology projects and working to educate both professionals and Pennsylvanians about PATF’s programs and services.

Wendy worked for eight years in outreach for CaptionCall, a federal phone captioning provider. Her children’s and husband’s hearing loss led her into advocacy for the Deaf/deaf/hard-of-hearing community. Prior to that, she worked in the technology sector for 13 years in software development, project management, and product management. Her work included a 6-month project in Barcelona, Spain developing and executing a training program for the IT department at the Hospital Clinico. She served for over two years on PATF’s Board of Directors and is the Entertainment Chair for the HLAA PA Walk4Hearing.

Wendy and her husband, Evan, live in Malvern, PA. At any given time, there can be between five and eight people living in the Davis home. Wendy’s parents are aging in place with them, and it is a revolving door with their four children who are all in university studies, two in undergraduate and two in doctorate. The entire family is involved with the PA Walk4Hearing, and together enjoy paddle-boarding, skiing, hiking, and endlessly throwing balls for their Labrador, Aurora.

[ Email Wendy Harkins Davis at wdavis@patf.us ]

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