Portrait of Bonaia Rosado

Senior Program Manager

Bonaia Rosado is PATF’s Senior Program Manager. She assists in the underwriting activities associated with PATF’s loan programs, including financial education. She helps educate applicants and their families about available community and funding resources. Bonaia also participates in outreach activities. She is fluent in Spanish.

Bonaia is also a freelance painter and is a graduate from the Delaware College of Art and Design. Her work is mostly focused around portraiture and her views on diverse families and those in her community. She is influenced strongly by the styles of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and her Puerto Rican heritage. Bonaia’s work has been exhibited in galleries all over the U.S. and she is now looking to extend her skills to art programs that have a focus on people with disabilities.

Bonaia resides in Wilmington, DE with her spouse, William and their daughters, Penelope and Taylor.

[ Email Bonaia Rosado at brosado@patf.us ]

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