Like many other college graduates her age who are living back home, 25 year-old Alexa is ready to move out onto her own. While grateful for the support of her parents during this transition, Alexa has two exciting part-time jobs and she’s ready for a change.  And, a change is imminent – Alexa and her parents recently purchased a ranch-style house in their community! With a move-in date scheduled for later this fall, Alexa and her family are busy planning the home modifications she’ll need. In her parents’ home, a SureHands ceiling lift helps Alexa get from bedroom to bathroom. The lift provides the support Alexa needs, and it’s an easy and safe way for her to transfer. Alexa plans on getting an identical lift mounted in her new home, and she’s making plans to widen the doorways, install a roll-in shower, and build a ramp so that she has a no-step entrance. All of these modifications will make it possible for Alexa to be more independent in her new home.

As part of the millennial generation, it is no surprise that Alexa also makes use of some remarkable computer-based technology. With her smartphone and environmental control unit, the “Omni”, mounted in front of her, Alexa uses the joystick on her power wheelchair to control everything from the garage door to the home security system to the TV. And because her jobs require her to stay connected, it’s essential that she have easy access to her smartphone’s email and social media apps.

Alexa is excited for this new chapter to begin, and sees her home modifications and assistive technology as just one small, but vital step among many towards the independent life she’s choosing.