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A New Start

A New Start is an equipment reuse program maintained by Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania.

Changing Hands

Changing Hands is a program of UCP Central PA that provides restored and refurbished home medical equipment and assistive technology devices to Pennsylvania residents of all ages. All the equipment is distributed on a first-come, first served basis, and is provided free of charge.

Into New Hands

Into New Hands provides medical equipment, including walkers, wheelchairs, lifts, communication devices, grab bars, and over-the-bed tables, to individuals who have limited insurance coverage and/or financial resources.

Life and Independence for Today (LIFT)

Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) administers a reuse program that accepts donations of gently used durable medical equipment and assistive technology and redistributes the equipment to people in need.

Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP)

Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP) is a reuse program administered by UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation. The program accepts donations of gently used durable medical equipment and assistive technology. The equipment is refurbished, sterilized and redistributed to people in need.

Pass It On Center

Pass It On Center is a national reuse/recycling site that also provides information about programs in Pennsylvania.

Reused and Exchanges Equipment Partnership (REEP)

The REEP Classifieds, administered by Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology, is a statewide service for people with disabilities, their families and other interested individuals who want to find, buy, sell or donate previously owned assistive technology.  Equipment in the REEP Classifieds includes stair glides, wheelchairs, vision aids, adapted vehicles, and more.