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    A quiet, natural setting, a beautiful river view from the porch, and only 40 miles from Philadelphia. Sound good to you? It did to Rich Beardsley. But four months after he purchased his dream home, his...

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    The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

    PATF’s Mission: To provide education and financing opportunities for older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities, helping them to acquire assistive technology devices and services that improve the quality of their lives.

    We help Pennsylvanians of:

    • All ages
    • All income levels
    • All disability diagnoses/health conditions

    What is Assistive Technology?

    Assistive technology, or “AT”, is any device that helps a person with a disability achieve a more independent and productive life. AT devices may include such items as:

    • Adapted Vehicles
    • Computers, iPads, and tablet software and hardware
    • Adapted sports equipment
    • Hearing aids and other devices for people who are Deaf/HoH
    • Home modifications (ramps, showers, counter tops)
    • Scooters and wheelchairs
    • Seat lift chairs
    • Safety and security devices


    Guess who is ABLE to work?

    Dec 22

    Like most Americans, Michael values work.  He has a community college degree and an inquisitive mind. He wants to work, but he isn’t working.  While Michael isn’t alone in being involuntarily unemployed,...

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