Featured image forPennsylvanians with Disabilities Commemorate Assistive Technology Awareness Month

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA—This month, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) hosts its fourth annual photo contest to celebrate Assistive Technology Awareness Month in the state of Pennsylvania. The contest, identified through the hashtag #MyLifeWithAT2018, asks people with disabilities the question, “How do you use your assistive technology?” and encourages participants to share a photo of themselves utilizing their assistive technology, accompanied by a description and an explanation of the impact it has had on the individual’s life. Three winners will be selected to receive Amazon Echo products.

In this year’s proclamation issued by Governor Tom Wolf, which declares November 2018 as Assistive Technology Awareness Month in Pennsylvania, assistive technology devices and services are recognized as tools that empower people to control their lives and their futures. All Pennsylvanians are encouraged to become aware of the many ways in which assistive technologies contribute to the health, happiness and independence of our family, friends and neighbors.

“At PATF, we define assistive technology as any device that helps a person with a disability achieve a more independent and productive life,” explains Susan Tachau, Chief Executive Officer of PATF.

“This includes things such as adapted vehicles; smart home technology such as an Amazon Echo, Ring or Nest; adapted sports equipment; hearing aids; home modifications (such as ramps, accessible showers, etc.); and scooters and wheelchairs. The goal of the photo contest is to provide people with disabilities with an opportunity to show off their assistive technology and educate the general public on the role of these devices in expanding independence and increasing quality of life. We are always very excited to witness the creativity and innovation behind some of the devices shared,” Tachau added.

Previous contest winners include adapted computer software that aided a 4th grade student in achieving straight A’s and an innovative mount designed to assist an avid hunter in aiming his rifle, crossbow or shotgun.

“We hope the photo contest sheds light on not only the assistive technology itself,” explained Tachau, “but, more importantly, the activity that the individual with a disability is able to participate in as a result of their assistive technology.”

Interested participants are encouraged to enter the #MyLifeWithAT2018 Photo Contest online. Upon entry, participants can share their photo on social media to gain votes from friends and family. PATF will accept entries and votes through November 30th, upon which three lucky winners will be selected based on the number of votes received and the creativity of their entry. To participate by entering the contest or voting, visit: https://patf.us/mylifewithat2018/.