Featured image forA Mother of a Child With a Disability and PATF Board Member Talks About Her Dedication to Advocating for Disability Rights

During May and in celebration of Mother’s Day, we are highlighting mothers of PATF who have children with disabilities, as part of our ongoing efforts to increase awareness of disability representation within our organization.

A woman stands beside a young girl in an adapted wheelchair outside. Several people are in the background.

Dale and her daughter Lucy enjoy time at a running event.

Since becoming Lucy’s mother, Dale Verchick, our Board’s Vice President, has significantly deepened her commitment to advocating for disability rights, particularly through her involvement with PATF.

“I was aware of the significant impact of PATF on the disability community, even before Lucy’s arrival. When I joined the board shortly before Lucy’s birth, it felt like an important invitation. This invitation not only allowed me to champion accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities but also offered me insight into this profound task of a mother advocating for her child.

As someone with a longstanding dedication to disability rights advocacy, the transition into motherhood has added a deeply personal dimension to my work. My experience as a parent of a child with a disability has heightened my understanding of the importance of access to assistive technology and financial support. I have personally witnessed the unique challenges that individuals like Lucy face, but I have also seen their immense potential when provided with the right resources.

The roles of motherhood and disability rights advocacy have seamlessly intertwined in my life. I am driven to promote the mission of PATF because of my love for Lucy and my desire to ensure that she, as well as others like her, are given equal opportunities to succeed and thrive. My advocacy efforts are focused on creating a world where individuals with disabilities can live independently and achieve their goals without facing any barriers.

As a member of PATF’s Board, I use my position to amplify the voices of those who depend on assistive technology and financial aid to improve their quality of life. Our united efforts set a guiding light, inspiring positive transformation and nurturing a community where every individual, regardless of their abilities, is valued and supported.”