Featured image forNew Video: George’s Smart Home Journey

In this video, George, who relies on an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device, showcases how smart home technology has transformed his life.

With the help of his AAC device, George effortlessly interacts with the Alexa app, granting him newfound control over his environment and ensuring a safe and convenient living experience.

Using the voice commands from the ACC device, George brightens his living space by turning on the lights and fan, navigates through his TV channels, and sends text messages to friends and family, fostering seamless communication.

But one of the highlights of George’s smart home experience comes when he plays his favorite tunes by Frank Sinatra.

George’s story is a testament to how smart home technology empowers individuals with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Cheers to George and his journey towards a brighter and more connected future! 🌟🎶”

A very special thank you to George for his contribution to this Smart Homes Made Simple project, funded by Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

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