In November 2022, PATF Outreach Director Wendy Davis hosted a webinar, Assistive Technology for Hearing Loss and How to Fund It, for the HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) Chapters of the greater Philadelphia area.  

The HLAA is a national non-profit that provides education and resources for people with hearing loss and ensures that the voices of those with hearing loss are heard by our national leaders and in the public forum. Across the country there are local HLAA Chapters that provide local support and social engagement for those with hearing loss. A recording of the presentation is available with ASL interpretation and open captioning.  

In the presentation, Wendy gives examples of smart home technology that can help in daily activities that may be more challenging for those with hearing loss. She offers examples of smart home devices that can assist with home safety, security, and more.

A big hurdle for getting any assistive technology is finding the funds to purchase it. When considering all the amazing smart home technology that you can integrate into your home, who wants to compromise your safety and the safety of your family due to the cost of smart home technology? PATF can help! Don’t put those purchases on a credit card with double-digit interest. Call us to find out about alternative funding sources and possibly a financial loan. We may be able to assist with a zero-interest loan with no fees up to $7,000, or a low-interest loan from $7,000-$60,000 for the purchase of smart home devices, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and much more.


Wendy Davis, Outreach Director, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation