A binder with the words, Funding Your Assistive Technology, on the cover and an image of a dollar sign and a key is propped on an office desk with plants behind it and pens laying in front of it.

Assistive technology (AT) empowers people with disabilities to live more independently, to work, and to participate in the community. However, one of the leading obstacles for obtaining AT is finding the money to pay for it.

We wrote this guide to help people with disabilities, older Pennsylvanians, and their families navigate the complex web of funding options for AT devices and services in Pennsylvania so they can acquire the AT they want.

When using this guide, please keep in mind that programs, policies, and procedures are constantly changing. We have made every attempt to be as current as possible, but we cannot guarantee the completeness of the information in this guide.


Second edition now available:

Download Funding Your Assistive Technology PDF


Coming soon! The second edition of this guide will also be available in print and in Spanish (both digital and print). Join the waiting list for a print or Spanish copy.


First edition still available in Spanish:

Download Financiación de su tecnología asistencial PDF


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