Josie Badger portrait

Dr. Josie Badger received her Bachelor’s degree from Geneva College in Disability Law and Advocacy, a Master’s from the University of Pittsburgh in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Doctorate from Duquesne University in Healthcare Ethics. In 2014 Josie founded J Badger Consulting Inc. where she provides youth development and disability consulting services for organizations, on transition and leadership development. She is the Co-Director of the national RSA-Parent Training and Information Center technical assistance center (RAISE). She is the Campaign Manager of the #IWantToWork Campaign, to improve the employment of people with disabilities and is a Field Organizer for Denny Civic Solutions for the Family Care Act, a bill that supports paid family leave. She serves as a board member of the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Woodlands Foundation, the Mary Grace Hospice Foundation, and FISA. In 2012, Dr. Badger was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America.

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